Truck Around

For deliveries safe and sound, there’s always a truck around.

Truck Around brings you the fastest, easiest way to transport anything, of any size. We connect you with local moving professionals with trucks and vans for any move, small or large. Need help getting your brand new TV home? We have you covered. Our drivers are available within minutes of your request and can also be scheduled in advance for help moving, hauling and delivering.

Why Choose TruckAround?

We are the quickest and most cost-efficient way to help you move your stuff around town.

Schedule Anytime

Drivers are available within minutes and can be scheduled ahead of time.


Now you don’t need to go through the hassle of renting a truck and over paying.

Moving Experts

We help you load and unload our trucks so you can get everything home with ease.

Any Size Loads

Our different truck availably can handle all moves big or small.

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We love making your life easier by providing top-notch delivery, moving and hauling services. Let us take the pain out of moving for you. Invite a friend to get free ride credit on us!

Leadership Team

James Elardo - Founder & CEO TruckAround

CEO & Co-Founder Truck Around

Jay Huffman - CTO TruckAround

CTO & Co-Founder Truck Around

CEO Integral App Studio



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